Field Systems Engineer

Company Name:
Engineering Solutions & Products LLC.
Job Descriptions:
Please note that we are recruiting for this position in order to build a talent pool of potential candidates. When a position becomes available, we will review applicants at that time. Due to the volume of resumes that we receive only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.
Essential Functions:
Fight The Network (FTN) is a network analysis concept using application-based data harvesting utilities, which facilitate a FTN analyst's ability to evaluate a units NetOps proficiency, network efficiency, and ability to pass data while identifying and logging trends in network load, protocols and usage.
As a FTN NetOps/ Network Management Field Systems Engineer (FSE) supporting the cyber /NetOps environment, the successful candidate will be responsible for programming routers for data collection, providing support to the JRTC network administrators and the Rotational Training Unit (RTU) NetOps section. The FSE will work with the JRTC network administrators to prepare the incoming units': network for data collection.. Reporting responsibilities include but will not be limited to providing written feedback to the FTN team on systemic issues that need to be elevated to improve the Army's Network/NetOps capabilities.
Highlights of Responsibilities:
1) Attend G6 (Network/signal admin) Synchronization Meetings with RTU and local G6 Staff.
2) Brief RTU network administrators on the purpose of FTN, the advantage of the data collection aspect, and the scope of support expected of the FTN FSE during the RTU rotation.
3) Assist RTU network technicians and Army network management instructors with setting up the RTUs Tier 2 (T2) routers for data collection via Solarwinds Orion.
4) Provide the basic Access Control List and NetFlow configuration scripts to the RTU network technicians.
5) Assist with configuring Solarwinds Orion for data collection by adding the RTU T2 routers': loopback addresses to the Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM).
6) Import all of the RTUs configuration files from the Solarwinds Orion NPM into the Solarwinds Orion Configuration Manager.
7) Inspect each of the configs and verify proper command lines exist for data collection.
8) Collect all data products for the RTU from the network technician
9) Collect merged LDIF from the Army Battle Command System (ABCS) personnel prior to building the FTN Analysis And Visualization Application (FAVA) architecture file if not already collected from the RTU network administrator.
10) Build the FAVA architecture files by merging the data products and Solarwinds Orion database.
11) Assist with building SNMPc network maps for the rotation.
12) Scan and build endpoint files of the RTU and merge with the FAVA architecture file.
13) Work through endpoint files adding the Battlefield Functional Area (BFA) if it can be determined.
14) Perform daily checks to ensure SNMP/Netflow data is successfully being collected.
15) Provide daily SNMP/Netflow/Bandwidth reports on the RTUs network to the stakeholders.
16) Remove Netflow destination statements from the RTU configuration files on last day of rotation.
17) Backup all data and settings on the last day of the rotation.
18) Reset Solarwinds Orion or create new Netflow VMs prior to the start of each rotation.
Physical Requirements:
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Due to the physical nature of the program, candidates must be able to lift and carry 40 pounds at shoulder height and 60 pounds at waist height for a distance of 50 feet.
Worldwide Deployment - Individuals in deployable status positions can expect repeated deployments to combat locations overseas in support of contingency operations as mission requirement are determined. These locations are typically in a designated combat zone.
Generally, the deployed work locations have power, water, heating, and air conditioning, although outages should be expected.
The living conditions will vary widely: ranging from having all basic amenities such as light, power, water, refrigeration, to not having one or more of these amenities.
Environmental conditions at work locations may range from excessive heat and humidity to extreme cold and rainy. Selectees must pass a medical exam, which includes vaccinations (e.g. anthrax, smallpox and malaria) prior to their deployment
Required Experience:
Required Experience:
A successful candidate will have:
Current Active Secret Security Clearance
CCNA (Preferred)
Minimum of three years hands-on, proven experience with routing/switching/firewalls in a tactical environment as a network engineer/network administrator.
Operational experience and/or certifications in use of network management tools.
Three or more years of experience in operating NetOps/ABCS systems, or routing architecture.
Experience with Installing, Operating, and Maintaining tactical networks.
Experience working with one or more structured programming languages for the purpose of troubleshooting identifying programming problems
Experience working with design principles and applications.
Analytical and creative problem solving skills for troubleshooting tactical networks.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills to facilitate clear and concise proposals to management and customers, as well as providing system diagnoses and fault resolution for current systems.
Excellent interpersonal skills to facilitate positive interactions with customers, senior level personnel, and team members.
Excellent organizational skills to facilitate a balance of work and prioritization of efforts.
Leadership skills to facilitate assisting and mentoring less experienced personnel.
Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a task-oriented team.
Self-motivation to improve work products and workflow.
Responsible, determined and self-reliant.
Patience and flexibility.
Desired Education and Experience:
Working knowledge and understanding of NetOps tools, procedures, and operational constructs to include Solarwinds Orion Suite, Solarwinds Engineers Toolset, Solarwinds Configuration Manager, SNMPc, NetApp, MacAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, and NetMRI.
Hands-on experience with how NetOps and services interrelate in order to support the NetOps LandWarNet mission.
Experience and/or certifications in the following: CCNA, Red Hat, VMware, Netflow, SQL, Windows Admin, Cybersecurity.
Prior military service preferred, but not required.
EOE M/F/Disabled/VET
Keyword: CCNA, ABCS, NetOps, Network Administrator, Routers, Switches, Deployable
From: Engineering Solutions & Products LLC.

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